Political Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, Author, Community Leader, International Motivational Speaker, And Consultant

Farmer, Author, Social Entrepreneur, Political Strategist, International Speaker Thione Niang, was born in a modest family of 28 children in Senegal. Thione Niang immigrated to the USA in 2000 with only 20 dollars and worked his way through the hardships while getting involved in his new community. His efforts led him to participate as a community organizer for President Obama in the historic 2008 Presidential elections and becoming national Co-chair of gen44 for the 2012 re-election campaign.

Thione Niang now leads four structurally different, but substantially, similar, international organizations; give1project, JeufZone Farms, Afro Global Connect, and Akon lighting Africa-Solektra International.



A global public speaker, Thione Niang has provided featured and panel remarks on global leadership, entrepreneurship, youth engagement, grassroots campaigns and political fundraising for organizations from all over the world including George Washington University, Science Po Paris, London Business School, Yale University, The New York Forum, The Global Entrepreneurship Week, Pekin University, among others.




This illustrated book for children tells the story of a son from Senegal named Gorgui. The character discovers his culture, traditions and values through his parents and educators. The lessons received will be his benchmarks for opening up to the world and exploring it. This work is the first volume in a series. The project starts from a need to teach our offspring to remain open to the world without being uprooted. It is a story that promises values such as dignity, steadfastness, courage, authenticity, honesty and faith.  

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Failure is indispensable. Success rarely gives us the calm we need to think about the fundamentals, values and meaning of our life. Success goes with a great deal of confidence. Do we think hard enough when we are stuck in certainties and self-evident facts? Success is a stage in life. Failure too. The latter allows us to reset ourselves. To take a break in our certainties, to observe our journey, our behavior in society, our blindness, our mistakes ... We are afraid of failing until the moment we fail and we realize that it is not. that terrible.

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Thione Niang is a social entrepreneur. Passionate about agriculture, he founded JeufZone which aims to meet the food needs of Africa. Thione Niang has returned to Senegal since 2014 where he devotes the majority of his time to agricultural production and the processing of local products. In order to train the new generation and encourage more young people to return to the land, Thione Niang created the The Jeufzone Institute of Agriculture and Leadership.

The Jeufzone Institue was established to provide the tools and experiences needed by anyone to start their own agribusiness ventures. We will help you learn entrepreneurial skills in conjunction with real-world start-up experiences. We offer opportunities to network with successful entrepreneurs and understand real-world situations.

Our program allows you to hear from successful entrepreneurs, learn the skills to be a successful entrepreneur, and foster networking to help you reach for your dream. In just a few weeks, the Jeufzone Institute will prepare you for a meaningful career in agriculture.

Today, the Institute has trained more than 200 young people from Africa and around the world.


Working on Global Impact Projects


Real projects, real passion

JeufZone is an agro-business platform for the production commercialization, distribution and conservation of farm products, with a priority given to local products.
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Akon Lighting Africa

Bringing clean energy to millions of households in Africa.

Akon Lighting Africa seeks to provide a concrete response at grass roots level to Africa’s energy crisis and lay the foundations for future development. Launched in February 2014 by international music star, Akon, leader Thione Niang and entrepreneur Samba Bathily, this initiative aims to develop an innovative solar-powered solution that will provide African villages with access to a clean and affordable source of electricity.
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Investing in young global leaders.

The Give1Project is a global organization that aims to engage young people as leaders in creating and building strong and healthy communities. The project accomplishes this aim through the successful operation of a network of hunger relief, health care, civic engagement, housing, legal services, employment training and educational programs.
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